Tuberculosis is by no means a thing of the past. Particularly in combination with HIV-AIDS, it is a resurgent global health threat. And legacies of the unequal treatment of Indigenous tuberculosis patients continue to impact the present. Click on the links below to learn more about how tuberculosis remains a part of our twenty-first century world.


Recent coverage of “Indigenous Histories of Tuberculosis in Manitoba, 1930-1970.”

Historians make progress on research of Manitoba sanatoriums, The Brandon Sun, 2017

Indigenous Histories of Tuberculosis, Grassroots News, 2016

Research shedding light on dark history of treating ‘Indian TB’ in Manitoba, The Brandon Sun, 2016

Former Ninette Sanatorium patients recall abuse suffered at hands of staff, The Brandon Sun, 2016

Sanatorium stories must be shared, The Brandon Sun, 2016


Tuberculosis: A Resurgent Problem

“HIV and tuberculosis are the world’s most deadly duo,” Globe and Mail, 2016

“The Danger of Ignoring Tuberculosis,” The Atlantic, 2016

“Tuberculosis rates remain sky-high among Canadian Inuit,” Nunatsiaq News, 2015

“Special coverage: the forgotten disease,” Winnipeg Free Press

“TB rates for aboriginals soar: Chiefs contend provincial report fails to capture extent of problem,” Winnipeg Free Press, 2014

“TB cases on rise in Manitoba: Province leads country in infection rates,” Winnipeg Free Press, 2010


Unmarked Graves:

“After 50-year search, Inuk mother finds daughter’s grave 2,000 km from home,” CBC North, 2016

Canada’s Residential Schools: Missing Children and Unmarked Burials: The Final Report of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada, Volume 4, 2015.

“Charles Camsell hospital holds on to secret of Elulik’s death,” CBC News Edmonton, 2015

“Lost, but not forgotten: Push on to identify graves of long-ago TB victims,” Winnipeg Free Press, 2009

“TB’s Dark History,” Winnipeg Free Press, 2009


Racially Segregated Healthcare

“Charles Camsell Hospital, Edmonton,” Edmonton Heritage Council, 2016

“The story of a separate and unequal Canadian health care system,” The Sunday Edition, CBC Radio, 2016

“When the cure is worse,” THIS: Progressive Politics, Ideas, and Culture, 2015

“’Indian hospital’ survivors want in on residential school agreement,” CBC News, 2014

“Sanatoriums, Indian hospitals InFocus,” InFocus, APTN, 2014

“Canada’s segregated health care,” The Current, CBC Radio, 2013

“Tuberculosis treatment in south takes Inuit from their families,” CBC Archives


Medical Experimentation

“What happened to Jim? Experiments on Canada’s indigenous populations,” Global News, 2016

“First Nation infants subject to ‘human experimental work’ for TB vaccine in 1930s-40s,” APTN, 2013

“‘Not Even Human’ How Canadian Govt. Abused Aboriginal Children in TB Experiments,” Indian Country, 2013