Did you (or someone you know) spend time in a sanatorium in Manitoba for tuberculosis treatment between 1930 and 1970? Did you (or someone you know) work at a tuberculosis sanatorium in Manitoba  during these years? Would you (or your contact) consider being interviewed about these experiences? If so, please contact Dr. Mary Jane McCallum at, or Dr. Scott de Groot at We would be very pleased to speak with you at your earliest convenience. If you wish, our conversations will be entirely confidential.

To tell you more about our interviewing process, we encourage people to tell their life story in their own words. Indeed, we will ask open-ended questions about your experiences of TB rather than a series of pre-set questions. We feel that the oral history component of the project is vital to learning important aspects of this history which are not included in archival collections.  It is out of respect for the knowledge that is provided in the interviews that we are ensuring that the interviews are of the highest quality possible, skillfully recorded and carefully stored and, if the participant wishes, archived for later generations to share.